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Frequently asked questions


What is Metro Tan?

Metro Tan is a beautiful facility offering premium tanning and spa services. Metro Tan offers a complete line of high quality tanning systems and a full range of equipment and skin care products. Although these amenities are important, Metro Tan was built on the premise that a Tanning Salon should offer not only top-of-the-line equipment and skin care products, but also an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, and maximum tanning results. Therefore, Metro Tan was designed to encompass everything we believe tanning customers deserve in a tanning experience. Every last detail was planned to take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and make you feel like you have just stepped into a relaxing day at the beach.

Can I freeze my membership?

FREE freeze option for 60 days. Freezes in store only with signed receipt

How do I pay my monthly dues?

Monthly dues must be debited from checking account or by credit card.

Where is Metro Tan location?

Metro Tan is located in Carrollton, TX Our address is: 1025 W Hebron Parkway, Ste 125 Carrollton, TX 75010

How do I cancel my membership?

Cancel your membership anytime with a 30 day notice. If you have a billing that falls within 30 days, you will have one last billing and access to the store for another 30 days following your last billing. Cancel in store with signed receipt or by certified mail. Our address is: 1025 W. Hebron Pkwy, Suite 128, Carrollton, TX 75010.


How Often Do I Need to Come in Order to Keep My Tan?

This somewhat depends on what strength bed you use. Various tanning beds have stronger or weaker bulbs and require fewer or more visits. However, generally speaking, it usually only takes one to three sessions per week to maintain your tan. The average tanning session is usually 12 minutes long, although some customers choose to go the full 15 minutes once their base tan is achieved. What is “Moderate” Tanning? Tanning that is moderate for one person may not be moderate for another. Everyone’s skin is different. But the bottom line is what could be called “The Golden Rule of Smart Tanning” – Don’t EVER sunburn! A fair-skinned, freckled, red-headed person may not have the ability to develop a tan without sunburning. In that case, the person should not attempt to tan! Moderate tanning for them would be NO attempt to tan. Of course, this is not the case for most people. Most of us DO have the ability to develop a tan, and many of us tan very easily. Still, we would want to avoid over exposure and sun burning our skin at ALL costs. Avoiding this will require a different approach from person to person depending on their particular skin type. At Metro Tan, our Tanning Consultants will help you to access your skin type and will make recommendations accordingly as to which products and which tanning processes would work best for you.

Some medications cause your skin to be especially sensitive to UV light. These are called photosensitizing medications. If you are taking any prescription medications, ask your doctor if it is safe for you to tan. If it is not safe for you to tan, our UV-free instant airbrush tan is a great alternative. Here is a partial list of medications known to heighten your sensitivity to UV light. If you are currently taking one of the medications below you may be more susceptible to sunburn, rash or other complications. Please consult a doctor before tanning if you are taking ANY medication:

How Long Does It Take?

This depends on your particular skin type, and on how regular you are with your sessions. But you will see results after your very first visit. It usually takes 4 to 5 sessions spread out over a 10-day period to get a base tan.

How Does Tanning Work?

When most people think of our body's organs, we think of the heart, liver or kidneys. The truth is that your body's largest, most active organ is your skin. It's a complex organ made up of the epidermis, (outer layer) and the dermis (the inner layer). The dermis is where the roots of your body hair follicles start, as well as your sweat glands and nerve endings. Tanning takes place in the skin’s epidermis, within special cells called melanocytes. When you start to notice your skin tanning, what is actually happening is a natural reaction. When exposed to UV B light, melanocytes produce the pigment melanin. At first, this pigment appears pinkish. But that’s where the UV A light rays come into play. These particular light rays oxidize the melanin, and turn it dark in color. This is what creates the “Tanning” affect, and this is also your skin’s natural way of protecting itself from possible damage from too much UV light.

What About The Risks?

More and more, we hear studies warning against excessive sun exposure. Recent increases in the statistics of skin cancer have some people very nervous when it comes to exposing their skin at all to the sun. However, direct sunlight can be beneficial for the human body in many ways. Dr. Robert S. Stern, Chair of the Department of Dermatology at Harvard wrote an article in The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide entitled “Benefits of Moderate Sun Exposure”. In his article he calls people who are so concerned about getting skin cancer that they stay inside or cover every bit of skin up “solar-phobes”. He shows that there are a lot of other factors involved with skin cancer, besides just exposure to the sun. These factors include your genes, your skin type (people with very white skin who cannot tan are more at risk), as well as the “dose” of the sun exposure and its timing. Several studies have suggested that suddenly getting a lot of sun is more dangerous than steady exposure over time. The same UVB wavelengths of sun that CAN cause sunburn if over-exposure occurs have very positive benefits when in moderation. They kick off the chemical and metabolic chain reaction that produces Vitamin D in our bodies. Research shows that many people have low Vitamin D levels. There is a well-documented relationship between low Vitamin D levels and poor bone health. Now links have been made to everything from Multiple Sclerosis to Prostate Cancer due to low levels of Vitamin D. Getting some sun may also shake off the wintertime blues. Research suggests that light hitting your skin, not just your eyes, helps reverse seasonal affective disorder (SAD). In indoor tanning, most salons put a limit on how long you may stay in a bed or booth, thus reducing the likeliness of a burn. Many salons also prohibit visiting the facilities in 2 consecutive days, to help reduce the likelihood of over-exposure. Ultimately, though, it's your responsibility to protect your body and be moderate with your tanning habits. Remember, the best looking and most even tans are results of short but regular periods of sun exposure. Also keep in mind that many tanning beds now boast UVA only bulbs. UVB's are the rays primarily responsible for the burn reaction in one's skin. By eliminating these harmful rays, you reduce the risks. Nobody wants to get skin cancer, but we’ve gone from sun worship to sun dread. Dr. Stern and others say there is a middle ground that includes using protective eyewear, as well as a sunscreen and following the age-old mantra: "everything is okay in moderation". But can you get a tan with sunscreen on? Even the most die-hard tanning advocate will condone the use of some sort of protection on your skin. Metro Tan has a wide selection of such products. Ask the staff for recommendations and they will accommodate you. Many people get beautiful, even, and healthy looking tans with sunscreen on. Another protection that cannot be overlooked is the necessity of wearing tanning goggles. The Food and Drug Administration requires all tanning salons to direct patrons to use them. This is because just closing your eyes is not enough! Closing your eyes will NOT block the UV rays from reaching your retina and possibly damaging it over time. This is because our eyelids are too thin. These rays can change the entire structure of your lens, possibly leading to cataracts. So, without question, always remember to wear your tanning goggles. These goggles are very small and just rest over your eyes with a thin strap crossing your nose. You may even find available goggle stickers that you apply over your eyelids. Whichever option you choose, remember…no tan is worth risking your sight for. Eyewear must be certified 21CFR. We offer a selection of goggles that meet these Federal standards. Lips are another area of concern. Lips do not produce melanin, so always wear lip balms with sunscreen. For those who are still worried about any negative effects from UV ray exposure, Metro Tan offers UV Free Tanning- alternative Airbrush Tanning options. If you need to be exquisitely tanned in an instant, here's the answer. Our instant tan techniques mist your body with premium bronzers, moisturizers and DHA for a smooth, natural-looking, beautiful tan in an instant. If you have trouble tanning, this UV-free solution is right for you. It allows you to choose the perfect shade for an even tan that lasts 5 to 7 days. UV Free tanning is a great way to prepare for a special event or night on the town. Ask our staff for more information!