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Located in Carrollton, Metro  Tan is the go-to place for your premium tanning and spa needs.

Dallas Spray Tanning

Dallas get spray tanned!

Do you enjoy getting a darker skin complexion? Or do you just prefer to have a different look from the usual? Then try tanning! Maybe you tried before. However, you did it on a beach, lake or swimming pool and got results you did not want. You got sunburned instead. We have good news for you! There is artificial tanning, also known as Sunless Tanning or UV Free tanning. We proudly present Spray Tanning in Dallas TX. Tanning is exposing your skin to ultraviolet rays or radiation in order to make the skin darker. There is natural and artificial tanning. Natural tanning is when you let yourself be exposed under the sun for such a period of time. It is healthy if you are exposed in the early morning since the sun’s rays will activate Vitamin D synthesis in your skin. But after the morning hours, there is no more Vitamin D synthesis and could become harmful.

Moreover, when you want yourself to get a tan under the radiant sun, there is a possibility that you will forget about the time and then turn out sunburned. There is also no assurance that the amount of ultraviolet radiation you get is enough, or is already damaging to the skin because there is no measuring devices or whatever to monitor it. In artificial tanning, on the other hand, there is a definite time and amount of ultraviolet radiation you get. This type of tanning is present only in the best tanning salons. It is not just calculated how long your skin would get tan, but there is an average amount of standard minutes so that you will not get burned. Let's learn about salon and spray tannining in Carrollton TX. Also known as of artificial tanning.

Metro Tan invites you to get a nice tan with a tanning bed in Carrollton TX. The tanning beds have lamps that emit ultraviolet rays in it. We will suggest the appropriate safe time and amount of emmissions you need for a successful tanning session. If you have a sensitive skin and still you want to get a tan, you can still do artificial tanning. All you have to do is let us know about your skin sensitivity issues and then allow the tanning salon manager to give you the right amount of ultraviolet light you will be exposed to. In addition to that, the tanning salon manager will trecommend how much time you must be in the tanning bed. Adhering to what he/she tells you to do will prevent any major damages to your skin. Tanning sessions must have a 2 day window timeframe before having the next session. This will allow your skin to adapt and prevent serious damages. Visit Metro Tan, the best tanning salon you have in town. SPRAY TANNING. This kind of tanning utilizes chemicals to make the skin darker. The only difference is that in spray tanning, there is no more ultraviolet radiation. Most tan sprays use dihydroxyacetone. This is a carbohydrate that produces a chemical reaction making the skin color brown with when reacting with the amino acids. Spray tanning lasts for about 5-10 days only.

And you need to wait about 6 hours before you get wet in order for the skin to seep totally the solution. Come to Metro Tan and get the best spray tan in Dallas. Our carrollton TX Spray Tanning facilities will allow you to make an wonderful impact on the people around you. They will always wonder if you just came back from vacations. At Metro Tan We offer: Airbrush Tanning or Spray Tanning. Get your sunless tanning today. The demand for UV Free Tanning is growing every day. Visit our facilities now!

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