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Located in Carrollton, Metro  Tan is the go-to place for your premium tanning and spa needs.

Dallas Tanning Salon

Carrollton, Texas

In today’s busy world, exposing yourself to the hot sun for several hours just to get a tan is too bothersome and time-consuming. Who has a few hours available several times a week to sweat outside and fight off the insects?

Moreover, you will not be able to control the amount of UV radiation on your skin. The UV exposure can vary according to the time of day you are laying out, and the subsequent position of the sun. For example, when the sun is directly overhead at 12:00 pm, the level of UV exposure is ten (10) times greater than the amount of exposure that would exist three (3) hours before or three (3) hours afternoon.  An untanned person with relatively fair skin would receive a mild sunburn in 25 minutes at noon but would have to lie in the sun for at least 2 hours to receive the same dose after 3:00 p.m.

Seasonal and weather variations also affect how much UV radiation will be reaching the Earth at any given time. So the time of year will also affect the amount of UV exposure you would receive from laying out directly under the sun. The levels vary so much from day to day that the National Weather Service has created a UV Index that predicts the next day's ultraviolet radiation levels on ascale of 0-10. The inability to control the amount of UV radiation to your skin and the uncertainty involved makes it not just unpractical and inconvenient to tan outdoors, but also dangerous. Indoor tanning preferred by many because the best tanning beds Carrollton offers, and the best tanning beds Dallas offers give you more control over the UV exposure, there are no surprise elements or factors that can change from day to day, you save a lot of time, and have a more comfortable air conditioned indoor environment to tan in. For ten (10) or (15) minutes once or twice a week, you can maintain a beautiful tan. The level of control that you have over your UV exposure does offer protection and predictability in results.

Where can you go for the best Tanning Salon Dallas has to offer? If you want to discover a state-of-the-art facility that offers deep, dark long lasting tans, the latest technology in skin care products and equipment, the best offers and specials, and an atmosphere similar to a tropical oasis, then visit Metrotan in Carrollton today!

Metro Tan offers a complete selection of top-of-the-line tanning systems and a full range of equipment and skin care products. Just as important as achieving maximum tanning results and safe, healthy skin, Metro Tan also ensures a pleasant atmosphere, superior customer service and a great value. Remarkable equipment combined with proficient customer service means you have found the best Tanning Salon in Dallas.

If you dream of having that perfect golden tan, then escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and step into a relaxing day at the beach. Step into Metro Tan!

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