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The Prestige 1100 flexes its muscles with 52 Extreme Power 200-watt UV lamps, four Ultra Performance 520-watt high-pressure facial units (including three UV-B spaghetti lamps in the facial area), two new Ultra Performance 240-watt high-pressure shoulder tanners, a reflector neck tanner and a maximum exposure schedule of 10 minutes. The additional UV-B lamps in the facial area provide an especially long-lasting tan and the new high-pressure shoulder tanner with Ultra Performance technology ensure a deep tan on the shoulders.
Utilizing Ergoline’s superior UV competence, the Ultra Performance Reflector System creates a deeper tan in the facial area. This high-pressure technology provides specially coated filter glass that performs with 35% more UV output and a reflector geometry that balances UV-A and UV-B wavelengths. The result is more intense UV power than most other high-pressure models on the market, which just waste power and add heat.
"Without question, the new Ergoline Prestige 1100 is an extremely powerful tanning bed with equally amazing results to match," said Hans-Juergen Kreitz, CEO of JK North America. "Naturally, being a top-of-the-line sunbed, the Prestige 1100’s new luxury features are just as impressive."
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While giving tanners an extreme experience, the Ergoline Prestige 1100 is more than just another powerful sunbed. An updated Temptronic Plus climate control system brings the temperature more rapidly to each client’s individual setting and keeps it there for the entire session. With the help of transparent acrylic panels at the head and foot ends of the sunbed, the tanning tunnel temperature is more easily regulated whether the tanner prefers a warmer or colder climate. For clients who prefer their own mix of music to the salon’s, an MP3 player docking station and Secure Digital (SD card) slot is included and routes the music through the acoustically incredible 3D-Sound system with sub-woofer. Controlling all this power and luxury is a new cockpit that makes this sunbed so easy to use and is more than just a simple control panel. The cockpit in the Ergoline Prestige 1100 features innovative controls with clearly identified symbols, a full text display and Ergoline’s user-friendly Voice Guide system.

Also included are these additional premium features. The Aqua Mist/Aroma function dispenses a refreshing spray in selectable intervals over the face and body while emitting a pleasing scent, which relaxes, but does not perfume the customer. Furthermore, this function neutralizes the typical UV fragrance. The Prestige 1100’s extra-wide Multi Relax acrylic, with its integrated headrest, comfortable armrests and variable footrests, ensure one of the most comfortable tanning sessions around. Ergoline’s advanced IR function for salon operators is also included.

Known for some of the most beautiful tanning units in the world, Ergoline has once again designed a strikingly bold shape for the Prestige 1100. Its muscular appearance, attention-grabbing mood lighting and deep, rich Mystic Black paint scheme guarantees this sunbed will be recognized as a premium-level bed.


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