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Located in Carrollton, Metro  Tan is the go-to place for your premium tanning and spa needs.

Frisco Tanning Salon

Frisco Superb Tanning Sessions/Salon

Most of us want and desire a superb tanning experience. Sometimes the high cost of tanning memberships, facilities with unclean beds, rude staff and outdated technology interfere with achieving the ultimate experience. Not any longer! Metro Tan will give you the best tanning in Frisco. Frisco tanning has never been so easy and convenient. 

Unlike other tanning salons and booths, we have generated and created a unique, simple and enjoyable way to assist you in experiencing your sunless indoor tanning sessions. With us, you will get a healthy and youthful bronze look. We are here to help you out with your dream tanning results! Our salon facility is expertly designed to meet your every need. This includes our world class skin care system and highly automatic and advanced tanning equipment. We go above and beyond to deliver the high quality of tanning processes that you have come to expect from Metro Tan.

As you pay us regular visits for tanning sessions, you will come in contact with some of the most knowledgeable tanning experts in the industry, standing by ready to assist you. We will recommend the latest technology in tanning beds, tanning lotions and products designed to prolong your tan, and airbrush tanning systems, that are designed for your particular skin type. Metro Tan has it all! That includes a relaxing spa-like environment that will make you feel as though you just stepped off the beach, and customer service that is friendly and professional. At Metro Tan we focus on providing all the advantages and benefits of indoor tanning for every guest and customer to enjoy.

One of the main benefits of indoor tanning is not just the result that you achieve, but the way that result makes you feel about yourself. Our skin care management and tanning sessions will make you feel even more sexy and beautiful than you already are. It is the total skin make over that will always let you look fabulous. Experience our tanning salon paradise! A deep dark tan is now within your reach. After your tanning sessions with Metro Tan, you will find that it is addictive to look yourself at the mirror because of the golden dark tan that you have. We have proven techniques for better skin care and tanning. Your one stop at our tanning salon will allow you to find that golden skin color that you have always wanted. Try our tanning alternatives and advanced skin and beauty therapy. Find yourself with a gorgeous tan in just an instant after stepping into our tanning salons. Metro Tan is the tanning salon for Frisco residents that you will want to see and experience for yourself!

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Metro Tan Carrollton - Bathroom #2
Metro Tan Carrollton -Reception Area
Metro Tan Carrollton -Reception Desk
Metro Tan Carrollton - Passage
Metro Tan - vanity area
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