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Located in Carrollton, Metro  Tan is the go-to place for your premium tanning and spa needs.

Versa Spa in North Texas

VesaSpa Galore

Want to know more about how sunless tanning works? Is it your passion to achieve a tan that glows? Then check this out:

The latest trend, as of today, in the skin care industry is what we call the VersaSpa Tanning System. For the past few years, the industry has learned how to innovate and create a technology that will help thousands of people to have a great tanning experience in an instant. Many of these people would not normally be able to ever achieve a tan because they are light complected and have a high tendency to burn whenever exposed to UV rays. But now, everyone can achieve the warm glow of a tan.

VersaSpa is the absolute pinnacle in sunless tanning. It offers a great deal of convenience and ease and is carefully engineered to satisfy everyone’s skin care needs, both men and women with all different skin types. The creative design of this innovative technology provides not just an effective, long lasting tan, but also convenience, comfort and a fully customized personal tanning session.

VersaSpa Carrollton, VersaSpa Dallas, VersaSpa Lewisville and VersaSpa Plano are all offered at Metro Tan right now. This tanning system is one of the best in the world! It is complete with dream skin care systems. Its new technology is world class. It comes with great deals and offers from Metro Tan also. VerSpa helps every tanner to enjoy their tanning session with great ease, achieving the smooth, bronze and hydrated perfect skin. The deep dark tan is all yours in a matter of seconds! VersaSpa features different skin treatments that can be customized according to you full body length.

The VersaSpa will make you look great regardless of your skin type. You will be able to visualize, see and compare the astounding effects afterwards. It will not just leave your skin with a beautiful long lasting tan, but it will also leave your skin fresh and hydrated in just a matter of seconds.

Every guest tanner will be able to experience the opportunity of attaining a dark deep tan that makes the skin glitter and glow. You can change your look to a sun-kissed movie star who just stepped off of the beach, within seconds! Darker skin hides imperfections, makes you look younger, and also has a slimming effect, making you look thinner. In addition, Metro Tan’s VersaSpa has devised a technology that nourishes your skin. Because of this, the dark glowing tan is longer lasting and actually leaves your skin healthier than before. Your skin will look velvety, touchable and younger. The total performance of this latest skin care technology is beyond imagination. As many of the people say, this sunless tanning technology is addictive. Come into Metro Tan today and try it out. You will LOVE how you look!

The VersaSpa in Lewisville is as competent as the former. Finally, the technology that keeps the integrity of ultimate tanning existed. Every guest tanner will be able to experience an opportunity of a far most out dark deep tan that makes the skin look awesome even adding a sexy glitter. The deep dark tan lasts longer and will give off a glossy look. It has a class of its own!

The VersaSpa in Plano has a devised a technology that has skin nourishing components. Because of this, the extension of the deep dark glowing tan is longer and more precise. In addition, it has an effect that will make your skin look velvety, touchable and younger. The total performance of this latest skin care technology is beyond imagination. As many of the people say, this sunless tanning technology is too addicting. Because once you get into it during your tanning sessions, you will not be able to stop and you will keep asking for more. It has the best performance ever throughout the tanning history. You better try it now. It is once in a lifetime opportunity!

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