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XXL 95 Chili Power

Level 3 


Hotter than anything else you’ve come across in the way of sunbeds – XXL Chili Power. Its extra power and fiery essence will turn it into a real favourite for your regulars... and anyone else looking for a rapid, deep tan.

Hot from the press

With its freshly redesigned high-pressure technology for the face (Ultra Performance Technology), Chili Power is an impressive demonstration how a little can go a long, long way – the four facial tanners have undergone significant improvement in tanning performance at reduced energy input. You save, while your customers enjoy a deep tanning session. Chilli Power makes no compromises on the body tanning, either – with sixteen Ultra Power High-pressure units in the canopy and twenty high-tech tubes in the base.

Hot Outfit


The two hot light elements and discrete interior lighting set the scenes for Chilli Power in its hot, classy combination of high-gloss and matt finish.

Hot on tanning comfort

You will hardly find a more comfortable base acrylic than the new SOLTRON Body Comfort. Add to that the top refreshing experience from Full Air Condition and pleasantly simple operation, and you have everything that it takes for XXL comfort.


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